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Mitterbichlhof St.johann im Pongau

Hiking holidays at the Mitterbichlhof

In particular hikers get their full money's worth in our region. Our guests appreciate the advantageous location in the middle of a unique hiking area. To climb some metres of height together with your children, you don't have to drive far. Our house mountain, the Hahnbaum belongs to the most beautiful hiking areas in our region and is considered an insider tip. There are also many beautiful hiking destinations which can be reached with the pram. Of course almost every hiking destination provides for a hut with catering. There the guests can spoil themselves with local delicacies.

Hiking for young and old - The Ghost Mountain

When on the mountains the snow has melted, ghosts are waking up, who were sleeping in the depth of St. Johann's mountains. In spring, summer and autumn families can get to know these ghosts of the Alps. Small children who are hiking with their families will find different ghosts on the gnome path - Wichtelweg. For the older children the alpine leisure park provides for swings, birds' nests, climbing dragon, ghost tower, trick fountains, ghosts' lake, cone shooting galleries and many other things. Adults find their pleasures in a hiking and nature paradise of the extra class located in a magnificent panoramic position. Walk along non-slip hiking paths and enjoy the rippling waters in the water world

But not only those hiking in our region …

will get their full money's worth. In close vicinity there is the magnificent gorge called Liechtensteinklamm. Thousands of years the Großarl mountain stream has eroded the stone and unstoppably continues to thunder into the Salzach river below.


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We would like to describe and explain this and other leisure time activities on this page and thus bring the magic of summer right into your living room.

Would you like a cool down?

If in summer the heat gets too much, you can cool down in various bathing lakes or swimming pools in St. Johann and its surrounding area.

Other swimming opportunities are found on the website of the tourism association
St. Johann.

Giant Ice World

Another highlight, which can be reached after only 25 minutes drive to the village of Werfen, is the with its unbelievable total length of 42 kilometres biggest ice cave in the world - the giant ice world (Eisriesenwelt). In winter cold air masses are transported to the inside of the cave. In spring rising temperatures cause the ice to melt and water penetrates into the cave and freezes. Through this and other complex processes the enormous, breathtaking ice formations - the "ice giants" are created.

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Hohenwerfen Castle

Formerly the castle was an archiepiscopal fortified castle dating back to the 11th century. Today you can marvel at medieval hustle and bustle with spectacular fencing scenes, jugglers and historical handicraft. A fascinating and unforgettable highlight is the falcon display at the historic falconry yard.

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More detailed information on other excursion destinations can also be found on the website of the tourist association Tourismusverbandes St. Johann erhalten.