Biobauernhof Mitterbichlhof
Kinderparadies im Salzburgerland
Kinderparadies im Salzburgerland
Streichelzoo im Salzburgerland

Our children's paradise on the farm

Our children's paradise does not leave anything to be desired that children and all those young at heart could wish for. The organic farm Mitterbichlhof provides for varied and active holidays. In the cow stable and on the surrounding meadows everyday farm life can be watched and experienced. The most popular playmates for children are rabbits or baby cats. Our farm offers:

  • Petting zoo for young and old
  • Exciting evening at the campfire
  • Torch-lit hikes
  • Go-cars for sports enthusiasts
  • A trampoline takes you high up in the air
  • Cow stable with practiced farming
  • Organic farm - you can also personally lend a hand

Children get behind the steering wheel …

This invitation is rather rarely heard. At our farm this phenomenon can be watched day by day. On our farm yard our own go-carts never stop being driven around. In order to give also smaller children the possibility of having a ride on one of the go-carts, we have got a go-cart with 2 seats.

Parents and accompanying persons relax on a lounger and watch their children playing. Due to the advantageous location of our farm it is possible, to let your children run and play without having to watch out for cars on through roads.

On our family farm animals and nature can be enjoyed and experienced to the full.

Our country air is balm for the soul"

Eventful and carefree holidays in healthy fresh air are waiting for our guests all year long. Breathe deeply, relax and lean back and together with your family enjoy pure nature. Our family farm provides for a child-friendly atmosphere, where you and your loved ones are invited to feel totally well.

Our playroom

If one day the sun is not laughing from the sky, we offer a nice children's play room, which can of course be used at any time. In a relaxed atmosphere you can watch your children play and enjoy your holidays to the full.

The equipment of this room is suitable for any age.


freizeitbeschaeftigung mitterbichl freizeitbeschaeftigung mitterbichl
Kinder spielen Mitterbichlhof Kinder spielen Mitterbichlhof
Kinderbetreuung Mitterbichlhof Kinderbetreuung Mitterbichlhof
Kinderbetreuung Mitterbichlhof Kinderbetreuung Mitterbichlhof
Mitterbichlhof St.Johann Pongau Mitterbichlhof St.Johann Pongau
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